Brad Minhinnick

5 ways to spend some time improving your garden during COVID-19

By Brad Minhinnick / May 22, 2020 /

While we are all spending more time at home during the pandemic there is a perfect opportunity to get into the garden and showing it some TLC. With the right changes you can turn your garden into a space you love to spend time in, and can show off to guests when the restrictions ease.…

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All you need to know about changing property managers

By Brad Minhinnick / May 18, 2020 /

Property managers continue to be an important aspect to property investment that allows you to get the most out of your property. Just like how a well-managed investment fund will have a board of directors ensuring the best interests of shareholders are met, a property manager is there to ensure your property is run well.…

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8 Important Things Property Investors Should Know Before Investing In Brisbane

By Brad Minhinnick / May 11, 2020 /

With the vast majority of Australia’s investment property advice focusing primarily on the Sydney and Melbourne markets, the differences seen in other states are left unknown. But, with Brisbane becoming increasingly a more attractive market for investment than its southern counterparts, it is important to understand the differences in the Brisbane market. To help investors…

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Save Space And Transform Your Rental Property With A Vertical Garden

By Brad Minhinnick / May 5, 2020 /

Looking for a new way to give your rental property’s outdoor spaces a fresh look but don’t have the space for new landscaping? Vertical gardens are a great option. If you have been following architecture trends over the past 5 or so years you will notice a feature many of these new buildings, which are…

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COVID-19 Impacts On Property Management Survey Results

By Brad Minhinnick / April 27, 2020 /

COVID-19 has had a major impact on many industries across Australia, and property management is no exception. To see how far-reaching the impact has been, surveyed property managers to see how their workload has changed, how tenants have been affected and more. Now, these results have been revealed so we can see the true…

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All You Need To Know About Bond Loans

By Brad Minhinnick / April 20, 2020 /

Need to suddenly move but don’t have the cash for both the move and the bond? A bond loan can help you out. Through this you can pay your bond back in instalments instead of a large lump sum, giving you or your family much needed cash to complete the move. While often the bond…

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Open Letter to Landlords – REIQ

By Brad Minhinnick / April 17, 2020 /

14 April 2020 An Open Letter to Landlords from The Real Estate Institute of Queensland Will the Palaszczuk Government’s Special COVID-19 Protections for Residential Tenants protect you? As the owner of an investment property in Queensland, if you are not already aware of the Palaszczuk Government’s proposed Special COVID-19 Protections for residential tenants and landlords,…

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Who Is Responsible For Pest Control – Landlords Or Tenants?

By Brad Minhinnick / April 14, 2020 /

A pest infestation at a rental property can cause headaches for both tenants and landlords. A lot of work needs to go into managing the infestation, or pest control will need to be called. Often, at this time, pest issues can cause conflicts between tenants and landlords as to who is responsible for dealing with…

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How The Real Estate Industry Is Innovating During COVID-19 Restrictions

By Brad Minhinnick / April 6, 2020 /

The property industry has been forced to innovate fast very recently. As a traditionally slow adopter to new technologies, the COVID-19 crisis has really brought the hammer down, forcing the entire industry to race ahead. As the crisis continues and the lockdowns become stricter across the country, the entire industry has been forced to find…

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