Brad Minhinnick

5 Things you can do this summer time to keep your home secure and protected

By Brad Minhinnick / January 11, 2021 /

As the holiday season finishes and summer continues, many families will be looking at going away on holiday, relaxing by the pool, or having barbecues with some friends. With presents from Christmas and recent purchases from the boxing day sale lying around the house, thieves may take the summer distractions as an opportunity. Safety is…

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5 Budget Friendly Ways to revitalise your home in 2021

By Brad Minhinnick / January 4, 2021 /

There is a lot of hope and pressure lying on 2021, especially after 2020. With a focus on it being a year of renewal, and re-energising. For many of us, it is about picking ourselves back up after 2020. Whether you are looking to get back to the gym, eat healthy again, or more, 2021…

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November 2020 Brisbane rental market snapshot

By Brad Minhinnick / December 14, 2020 /

We are reaching the end of what has been a crazy, unprecedented year. What was once looked as a hopeful, positive start of a new decade, turned into the year of fires and COVID. Now the impact on these two on the economy has been large, however comparatively, Brisbane has come through quite well. This…

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Airbnb versus Traditional rental

By Brad Minhinnick / December 7, 2020 /

As an owner of an investment property you have probably looked at the costs of an Airbnb with awe. Those owners seem to make a lot of money, some make a month’s rent in one week! It can seem like it has a much higher return on investment than renting your property out long term…

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5 benefits of living alone in your rental

By Brad Minhinnick / December 1, 2020 /

When finding a new rental property, the challenge of deciding whether to live alone or with roommates can keep you up at night. If you have previously rented a few places with others, or are just about to move out of home and are considering your options, the benefits of living with roommates are clear.…

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6 tips for a stress free time with your tenants

By Brad Minhinnick / November 23, 2020 /

Property is one of the most popular investments for Australian families to make. Out of this most Australians aim to achieve a passive boost to their income, without having to spend much time focusing on their investment. However, sometimes property investment can be stressful, especially if you get bad tenants. But there are certain things…

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Top 7 renovations you can make to increase the rent

By Brad Minhinnick / November 16, 2020 /

Renovating your investment property to give it a fresh look is a great place to start for some property investors looking to improve their rent. However, renovating a home isn’t a cheap process so it is important that you get highest output from the smallest investment possible. A part of achieving this is understanding the…

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5 tips for ensuring your tenants are safe

By Brad Minhinnick / November 6, 2020 /

As a landlord, you have a duty of care and are expected to provide a sense of security for your tenant, ensuring the rental premises are safe to live within. While certain safety features are required by law, you should introduce a set of effective measures to further protect your tenant from situations that may…

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What to do when your landlord is selling your rental

By Brad Minhinnick / October 27, 2020 /

As a tenant, your worst fear could be finding out your landlord is selling the house you are renting. Despite this initial concern, don’t start packing just yet. Although the owner has the right to sell their property whenever they choose to do so, they are still legally bound to adhere to the lease agreement…

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