Brad Minhinnick

11 amazing benefits to having a clean home

By Brad Minhinnick / March 16, 2021 /

Having a clean home has many great benefits which can help our health, our home life, and outside life. Cleaning your home may seem like an annoying chore, but just like the end result, the act of cleaning also has some great benefits. Plus, once you get the habit going, cleaning will become less of…

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10 investment property design features which can increase your rental yield

By Brad Minhinnick / March 2, 2021 /

As the rental market is becoming increasingly more competitive, you need your property to stand out in order to get the highest rental yields. There are many factors that can determine how much someone is willing to pay per week for your property. Some of these elements may not be able to be changed, like…

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A guide to navigating the final inspection for property owners

By Brad Minhinnick / February 24, 2021 /

If your tenant is vacating your property you will need to conduct a final inspection. These are important for determining the state of the property when they are leaving and rectifying any existing issues. When heading into the final inspection it is important to understand what your rights and responsibilities are. This will aid you…

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Furnished or unfurnished? Which option is best for your property?

By Brad Minhinnick / February 16, 2021 /

There are many different ways in which property owners can make their investment available for lease. These include: Fully furnished and equipped: This is where you supply both the furniture and household items like cutlery or kitchen utensils. Fully furnished: Where you provide all of the furniture for the tenant. Partly furnished: Where you provide…

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Your guide to pet resumes

By Brad Minhinnick / February 8, 2021 /

A new trend for pet owners who rent has turned property searches on their head. It has come out of a feeling from pet owners that the rental market can seem too challenging to navigate. This trend, known as pet resumes, allows property managers and owners to learn about your pet before you move in.…

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January 2021 Brisbane rental market snapshot

By Brad Minhinnick / February 1, 2021 /

As COVID restrictions continue to ease and Brisbane continues to remain open, the rental market also continues to recover. This is positive news for investors who have faced many months of uncertainty. With a positive outlook on the market’s recovery let’s have a look at how it has been performing this month. Median rent Queensland…

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5 Things you can do this summer time to keep your home secure and protected

By Brad Minhinnick / January 11, 2021 /

As the holiday season finishes and summer continues, many families will be looking at going away on holiday, relaxing by the pool, or having barbecues with some friends. With presents from Christmas and recent purchases from the boxing day sale lying around the house, thieves may take the summer distractions as an opportunity. Safety is…

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5 Budget Friendly Ways to revitalise your home in 2021

By Brad Minhinnick / January 4, 2021 /

There is a lot of hope and pressure lying on 2021, especially after 2020. With a focus on it being a year of renewal, and re-energising. For many of us, it is about picking ourselves back up after 2020. Whether you are looking to get back to the gym, eat healthy again, or more, 2021…

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November 2020 Brisbane rental market snapshot

By Brad Minhinnick / December 14, 2020 /

We are reaching the end of what has been a crazy, unprecedented year. What was once looked as a hopeful, positive start of a new decade, turned into the year of fires and COVID. Now the impact on these two on the economy has been large, however comparatively, Brisbane has come through quite well. This…

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