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Link Living is a boutique property management agency in Fortitude Valley that services properties in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs. We offer investors and tenants a personal and professional service. Communication is key and with a progressive eye on cloud-based services and technology, you are always in the loop with your property.


What Makes Us Different From The Rest

Potential agencies will say they can maximise your return by getting higher rents and lower vacancy rates. I suggest you say, “Ok great, that’s what you should be doing as a minimum but what else can you do to maximise my return?”. I can guarantee a majority will be stumped. Ask your property managers if they can offer you the following and if they can, is it all in-house and not by some arrangement where they make a referral fee for sending you to some other location?


In-House Finance Team

Does your current property manager have an in-house finance team to make sure you are getting the best deals on your investment property loan and structure them effectively for additional property purchases in the future?


In-House Tax Team

Does your current property manager have an in-house tax team with certified Chartered Accountants who specialise in tax for investment property owners such as yourselves so that you will benefit from the best possible tax outcome?


Depreciation Experts

Does your current property manager know a depreciation expert or can connect you to one to help prepare a depreciation report for your property
to maximise on your tax deductions every year?

If they can’t answer 'Yes' to these questions then they can’t “Maximise Your Returns”.
Do you know who can say 'Yes' to all three questions and still offer you the minimum of higher rents and lower vacancy rates?

We can.


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Brad Minhinnick Bio

Brad Minhinnick is revered for his fun and friendly personality, making him really easy to get along with. His clients love the passion he brings everyday and feel confident knowing that he is managing their property with genuine care. Having been in the property management scene for the past 6 years, Brad has experienced much of the industry. He began his career in traditional property management agencies but soon felt frustration when he saw client relationships neglected, tech upgrade opportunities ignored and an attitude of "this is how we've always done it, we're not changing now".

With a renewed purpose, he founded Link Living with Directors James, Chris and Hugh, with a focus on building great client relationships and enhancing client experience through new age cloud technologies. Founding Link Living has been the highlight of his career and has allowed him to create a property management agency that truly puts its clients first. He loves the switch and opportunities offered to meet so many different people every single day. His job, the industry and his days are constantly evolving, always bringing something new.

Outside of work, you can catch Brad cheering for the Broncos, playing Rugby League, having a drink with friends and family, or out strutting with his Corgi pup, Achilles. He loves networking, meeting new people and sharing his passion for growing businesses.