4 Reasons Why Corner Agencies Aren’t Top Priority

Local, corner agencies used to be vital for anyone looking to rent, buy or find a property manager. Previously you would need to stop by all the local agencies, look at their listings in the window and then talk to an agent. All of this was before you could even inspect the property, not to mention agents handing keys out to go through the property to inspect yourself. Of course, this has been completely transformed with new technologies that bypass a lot of those time-consuming traditions. Yet, local, suburb-based agencies still seem to cling on. Generally, this is because landlords assume having the local agency 5 minutes away will be able to look after their investment property better or find tenants quicker than another agent further away. Here are 4 reasons why a local, corner agency, isn’t top priority when choosing a property manager: 

  • Time Savings

If tenants still went around to every local agency in the suburb they wanted to live in, the conversation would stop here! There are some misconceptions by renters, buyers and property investors, that by going to the local agency you can somehow get the property faster. That is simply not true. No matter where the agency is located (in QLD), they must provide 24 hours of notice to tenants before inspections or another time that both parties agree to in writing, entry for maintenance requests, and more. You simply do not save any time by. In fact, you lose time as you could complete the entire process almost completely online. Stop running around to each local agency looking at their windows and, instead, jump online.

  • Online Listings

You will be able to find most available properties in your area across only a couple of property listing websites! That means you can completely avoid the local agencies altogether and just look online. By visiting local agencies, you are generally just going to find listed properties on their window that you could have found from home with a couple of clicks. To add to that, Link Living have found that 94% of our clients come from real estate sites like Domain, Realestate.com and more. Local agency listings have become unnecessary and completely avoidable. Besides, can you get a virtual reality tour of the property at the local agencies window listings? Even if you were to walk into an agency requesting to view a property at that moment, the property manager would not be available and an inspection would still need to be booked. 

  • Online Payments and Contact

One initial reason for a property owner and tenant to prefer a local agency was that the proximity to the house enabled easy cash and cheque payments over the desk and close contact for other reasons. Now this has been made completely redundant. Modern agencies allow for online payments for rent, electrical/water invoices and other fees, online maintenance requests and more. If a tenant no longer needs to travel to the agency for anything, what other purpose would there be to using a local agency?  

  • Tenants Can Be Secured Online

With all this new technology enabling agencies to provide better, more convenient services for tenants, buyers and property investors, it is only natural that the process of securing tenants would be transformed too. No longer do prospective renters need to travel to a local agency to become a tenant, instead they find that they can do the entire process online. It is now easier than ever to secure good tenants simply by using online technologies and databases. In fact, Link Living get 100% of our tenants secured online. It is convenient for everyone involved and saves a lot of time.  

Ask yourself this, when was the last time you went to a local agency to look at the window cards or get a brochure of recent listings to find your next property? You didn’t. You did it from your couch, telly on, phone in one hand, wine in the other. 

If you want a great property manager that is trusted across Brisbane or need to find a home to rent, contact Link Living today! 

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