5 benefits of living alone in your rental

When finding a new rental property, the challenge of deciding whether to live alone or with roommates can keep you up at night. If you have previously rented a few places with others, or are just about to move out of home and are considering your options, the benefits of living with roommates are clear. Not only is it cheaper than living alone, but it also makes for an easier transition when moving out of your family home.

Living alone can be just as valuable. While it might seem frightening at first, having your own space means no longer blaming others for not taking out the rubbish or paying the rent on time. Living by yourself offers an entirely new life adventure.

This step doesn’t need to be scary. If you are considering renting by yourself, here are 5 benefits to living alone.

1. Living alone provides vital experiences

For younger tenants, renting by yourself can help you understand how to live alone early on in life. Many people fill their space for most of their lives, and progress from living at home, to renting with friends, to moving in with a partner, with this consistent reliance on others restricting your personal development. Learning how to live alone later on in life may prove to be difficult, so confronting this fear and renting alone when you are younger can better prepare you for such circumstances.

Living in your own space is a fundamental advantage in getting to know yourself better. The experiences that come with living by yourself push you to work out who you are, both within a mental and physical space, which is a valuable step in one’s personal development.

2. Understand your self-care and needs

Renting by yourself is a fantastic way to learn essential life skills, such as washing, cooking, and cleaning. Without being able to rely on others, you will be forced to learn how to iron your clothes, prepare lunch and dinner for yourself, and make your own bed. These basic self-care needs are vital in your personal independence and growth, especially coming into play later on in life when looking to start a family.

Another benefit of living alone in your rental is that it drives you to confront yourself and your needs. You will quickly learn about how you best live, being aware of your moods, finding what works for you, and knowing how to better schedule your home and social lives. Understanding your needs will help you live more harmoniously with others when the time comes to expand your living situation.

3. Enjoy some peace and quiet

After years of sharing a living space, it can be refreshing to come home to no one. While living with others can be fun and offer a social life full of entertainment, it can also become draining after some time, and finding some peace and quiet within the home is difficult. Renting solo frees you up from having to constantly worry about noisy roommates or locking yourself in your bedroom when looking for tranquillity.

If you enjoy your own company, finding a place by yourself is a perfect way to ensure freedom and relaxation. For many people, being alone and free of any distractions may be necessary when enjoying leisure activities. Being in your own space can also help to inspire new hobbies you’ve always wanted to try.

4. Decorate your way

When renting with others, you are restricted when it comes to your decorating desires. Communal areas become a space of compromise, having to work with your living associates in styling the main sections of the house. The only area where you are free to express yourself completely is within your own room.

Living alone allows you to open up your artistic side to the entire rental. Without the obligation of compromise, you are free to decorate to your heart’s desire in more than just your own room. Living in your own property means you can find your own style and decorate how you want.

5. Your place, your rules

No more wild parties until dawn, unwanted guests at any given point, or crazy long showers leaving you with no hot water. Being in your own place means living by your own rules. Long gone are the days of worrying about messy or disrespectful roommates uprooting your living schedule. Having your own rental means you can invite over who you want when you want, having the freedom to control when you bring home dates and friends.


While sharing a place with others may seem ideal at first, living alone isn’t as scary as you may think. If you can afford it, living alone can be a great option and offer you entirely new life experiences. If you are torn in your decision to find a rental property alone or with others, come talk to our team at Link Living and see how we can help you.

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