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How to Travel Overseas and Rent out Your Home Without a Hitch

By Brad Minhinnick / December 2, 2019 /

Renting out your property can be an excellent way to help fund overseas travel. It can also be the catalyst for increased financial and emotional stress. However, if you take the time to address a few key areas of concern before you jet off, it can make a world of difference to your renting experience.…

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Quick Tips For A More Desirable Rental Property: Air-Conditioning

By Brad Minhinnick / October 22, 2019 /

Here in Brisbane we love our air-conditioners. When summer gets to its sweltering highs and the humidity sets in, the air-conditioner is what keeps us going. The Brisbane climate makes them essential for almost every home. If you find that you are missing out on great tenants or have had your property on the market…

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Is Your Business Compliant?

By Brad Minhinnick / September 24, 2019 /

Prepared in an emergency In Australia we have some of the strictest emergency light and RCD testing standards and in the world. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that these standards are continually being met. We could sit here and bore you with lengthy references from Australian Standards but ultimately the most…

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A Quick Tip To Making Your Investment Property More Desirable: Lighting

By Brad Minhinnick / September 16, 2019 /

Getting the best tenants is incredibly important to any great investment property. It can be tough; the rental market is very competitive, and you need to do everything you can to make your property stand out. While some changes could cost a fortune, there are some great additions you can make, at a reasonable cost,…

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Who Is Responsible For Maintenance And Repairs?

By Brad Minhinnick / September 9, 2019 /

Keeping a property in great condition through maintenance and repairs can be hard work. But, with the tenant, landlord and property manager all working together the property will remain in excellent condition. There are many different elements to a property that needs maintenance and occasional repairs. Whether this is the gardens, drains, gutters, plumbing, air…

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10 Reasons Why You Need A Property Manager

By Brad Minhinnick / August 19, 2019 /

It is tempting to go it alone as a landlord when managing your property. Many investors have considered this at one time or another. If you have secure tenants who pay on time every week, always leave the property in perfect condition, and nothing breaks how hard could it be? Things rarely go exactly as…

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The Difference Between a Repair and an Improvement

By Brad Minhinnick / June 3, 2019 /

It is vital for all property investors to understand the difference between repairs, maintenance and improvements. The Australian Taxation Office constantly pays particularly close attention to each of those three on annual tax returns. So, if you have no understanding of the differences you may have made an incorrect claim on your tax return. Fortunately, just…

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Don’t Be A Fool – Change Your Smoke Alarm Battery April 1st

By Brad Minhinnick / April 1, 2019 /

Smoke alarms are extremely important safety devices. Without a smoke alarm the risk of death, caused by fire in your home, is THREE TIMES greater than if you do have one installed. In Queensland around three-quarters of all home fire deaths occur in homes that do not have smoke alarms. Around 50% of all deaths…

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Maximising the Return on Your Rental Property

By Brad Minhinnick / March 1, 2019 /

When you purchase an investment property, you’re not buying it in the hopes of barely scraping by. It’s exactly what it says it is… an INVESTMENT. You want to make money from it and you’re most likely wanting to grow your property portfolio to enjoy now and in your retirement. You have probably looked at…

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