Save Space And Transform Your Rental Property With A Vertical Garden

Looking for a new way to give your rental property’s outdoor spaces a fresh look but don’t have the space for new landscaping? Vertical gardens are a great option. If you have been following architecture trends over the past 5 or so years you will notice a feature many of these new buildings, which are designed to be the new standard in the 2020s and beyond, have in common, vertical gardens.

Green walls and vertical gardens make attractive additions to structures that are otherwise concrete and glass, helping them feel more natural, which in turn helps people feel more comfortable and calmer within. Everyone loves a garden. So, here is how you can transform your outdoor spaces with vertical gardens.

Green walls

With a green wall you suspend a panel containing enough growing space against a wall. You then put some of your favourite plants in and allow water to drip down through to each plant by manual or automatic means. The roots of the plants will take up the moisture without getting overwatered or spilling so your plants should thrive.

Watering methods could include:

  • A half bottle with two holes in the top buried upside down. Water will drip through straight to the roots. This is a great option for thirstier plants.
  • Ice cubes will melt slowly, allowing them to water your plants slowly, reducing runoff. This technique will re-wet your dried baskets too.
  • Drip irrigation is a good option if you want a more automatic system. Use a pipe with drip attachments, at every turn of the tap each pot is watered. You can also set a timer to the tap if you are going away.

When it comes to the structure to put your plants in there are a variety of options. Firstly, you can plant up a pallet and attach it to the wall, using landscape fabric to create planting pockets. You could also purchase planting pockets, made of more solid materials, which are designed to hang from walls, these continue to provide the green wall effect. Finally, wall planters, baskets or pots, can be attached to a wall using a bracket. These offer a simple design that is easy to set up and get started. Now you have your structure you need to decide which plants to use.

Grow basic plants

A great addition to any vertical garden are easy to grow herbs like Basil. You can grow a wide variety of herbs that will compliment your home cooking. There are many great options that can be found which like various amounts of sun, water, and attention. The best part about many herbs is that their leaves smell great, creating a pleasant outdoor space for relaxing in.  

Hanging plants

If you are looking for an alternative to covering wall space, or have run out, look to hanging plants. All you need is a sturdy nail for these plants and their basket to hang from and you can have a fantastic garden without taking much space. The best part about these plants is that they are cheap to buy and set up and are incredibly versatile. Not only can you plant flowers, but you can also plant hanging fruits like strawberries or tomato.

Traditional hanging baskets mix a combination of bushy plants, upright plants, colourful plants, and a complementary flowering plant. However, it is up to you whether you want to go traditional or try something new, using one or multiple plants.

Climbing supports

Climbing plants are a classic green wall plant. These plants don’t take up much space on the floor, so they can fit in many different spaces. All you need is a pot and a wall mounted trellis for your climber to ascend.

There are many great climbing plant options to choose from. Whether you want flowering plants like Clematis and passion flowers, or edible plants like cucumbers of passion fruit, all can grow in a small area.

Taking care of your green walls

For vertical gardens in a rental property it is a good idea to include plants which require little care, while leaving space for tenants with a green thumb to add their own fruits, veggies, or herbs. Using automated watering methods will assist you in ensuring the plants are looked after. You should also place them in an optimal location ensuring they get the right amount of sun passively throughout the year.


Gardens can often make a lasting impression on great tenants, encouraging them to apply for your property. For green thumb tenants, having a space where they can plant herbs or small fruits and veggies can make a huge difference in their opinion of the property, and is a big value add for them. If you do find yourself struggling to find great tenants, consider the appearance of your outdoor spaces and the atmosphere this adds to the space.

You should also look for an expert property manager who knows the Brisbane area extremely well to help you find the best tenants. Come have a chat with us and see what we can do to encourage great tenants to sign up and stay for longer.