6 houseplants which are stylish and safe for pets

One of the best ways to spice up your rental, and make it feel more like your space is to add indoor plants. There are heaps of different houseplants to choose from which will make your home look and feel beautiful. But not all houseplants are made equally. If you have a furry little friend, whether a cat or a dog, you need to make sure the plants you are choosing are safe.

As cats and dogs tend to lick, rub against, scratch, and chew anything in sight it is vital that you make the right choice in your indoor plants’ purchases. To help you out on your next houseplant purchasing spree here are 6 pet-friendly, stylish plants which will keep your furry friend safe at home.

1. Spider plant

Spider plants have long spiky leaves which create a dramatic effect around your pot. Because the plant produces dangling ‘plantlets’ it is perfect for hanging baskets. Garden centres tend to have the green and white striped variety, however there is a pure green variety. Mature spider plants tend to have small white flowers.

To take care of your spider plant it is best to give them access to bright light. Keep them near windows and they will thrive. You should also water them liberally, especially through summer, just make sure you dry them out between watering.

2. Lemon button fern

The lemon button fern is perfect as an accent piece for your table or shelf. With its small arching stems and button-like foliage, the lemon button fern makes for one cute plant. Its curved and delicate nature make it not only perfect for your bedside table, but also make it at home in a hanging basket.  You can also place it in a simple terracotta pot allowing the plant to accent its surroundings.

This plant is happiest in low to medium light. However, you should make sure the soil is kept moist without over saturating the plant.

3. Areca palm

Want to add a touch of tropical paradise to your home while keeping it safe for your fur babies? Look no further than the areca palm. It looks great, adds a tropical vibe, all without harming dogs and cats when they inevitably eat a leaf or two.

This plant sits happily in a large pot, becoming the focal point of any room it sits inside. Try placing it into a metallic planter for a retro yet modern look.

The areca palm is famous for its air purifying effects. It is fairly easy to care for, however, you should make sure not to over water it. It is a good idea to hydrate it when the soil below the surface begins to feel dry.

4. Baby rubber plant

The baby rubber plant is shiny and bright, glistening with style. Its waxy round leaves have a special sheen and shape which makes it perfect for a nice pot. If you want a plant which works well in containers, and looks stylish while doing so, this is the plant for you.

Baby rubber plants thrive in bright, indirect light. Be careful when watering these plants, they are extremely easy to overwater. You should let the soil dry out completely before watering them.

5. Ponytail palm

The ponytail plant is simply iconic in its sculptured look. With its wide base, striking trunk, and long leaves, the ponytail plant is unique. It is a very dramatic looking plant, often taking centre stage in modern living rooms.

This plant works best in bright light and with a relaxed water schedule. Usually you will only need to water it once every one or two weeks.

Display it alone or in a row of ponytail plants for a tropical resort feel without harming your furry friends.

6. Prayer plant

The prayer plant is famous for its intricate leaves which boast various shades of green and pink detailing. This plant works best in a simple pot which allows the plant to draw attention to its stunning leaves.

Prayer plants work best outside of direct sunlight as it can cause their leaves to fade. Medium light works best. It is also important that you keep the soil moist bet not too wet.


Finding ways to make your rental look homely is not as difficult as some think, even if you have pets. Simply place some of these non-toxic plants in your home and feel the atmosphere lift. If you want further advice on how to make your rental pet friendly check out our other articles. You can also see some of our listings here.

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