Your guide to pet resumes

A new trend for pet owners who rent has turned property searches on their head. It has come out of a feeling from pet owners that the rental market can seem too challenging to navigate. This trend, known as pet resumes, allows property managers and owners to learn about your pet before you move in.

It is a very cute trend that has begun to give owners and property managers a greater level of confidence around pet owning tenants. By extension, renters also feel they have greater control as to whether they will get a property or not. So, what exactly is a pet resume and what is included on it?

What is a pet resume?

A pet resume is not too different from a job resume. The big difference is that it is about a pet, not a human, and there is less of a focus on qualification, and more of a focus on personality. Within a pet resume you want to provide a detailed summary about your pets best qualities, showing why they will be a fit for the rental property. This is a great place to also showcase that you are a responsible owner.

While finding a great rental property can be harder for pet owners, providing a pet resume, with all the right information can help you get your foot in the door.

What information can I include on the resume?

There is a lot of information about your pet which can turn a no to a yes. Some owners who are apprehensive about pets in their property could actually only be against certain types of pets. For example, they don’t want an owner with a big dog, but are happy for a cat, or small dog. So, providing detailed information about your pet could make a big difference. Information you should provide includes:

  • A bio or description: Describe your pet’s personality, their breed, age, how active they are, and what temperament they have. Remember you are trying to sell the owner on the idea of accepting your pet, so include information on what makes them suitable for the home. If your pet is quiet, friendly towards people and animals, and is well behaved, include this information here.
  • Qualifications: While your puppy may not have graduated from Harvard with a little law degree, they still may have some qualifications. This includes house training, apartment training, puppy preschool, and other training that may have been provided. Showcasing this will show that you can control your pet, they won’t be loud if you live in an apartment, and they won’t dig up the backyard.
  • A photo: Add a high quality, clear photo of your pet. One where they look happy and relaxed. Adorable photos are always a win.
  • Basic details: Basic information is important for giving the property manager and owners an overview as to what animal you are bringing with you. Include their age, breed, size, type of animal, and gender.
  • Health details: Include details regarding whether your pet has had all its vaccinations, has been microchipped, desexed, and registered. If you have pet insurance mention that here. It is also important to note whether your pet is an indoor or outdoor pet.  

Why is it necessary?

Despite the fact that most landlords allow pets in their property, only 25% advertise this fact, according to This means it can be more challenging for pet owning renters to find the right property. By including a pet resume in your application, everyone involved in the rental process will know you have a pet, what their temperament is like, and what type of animal it is.

This will help out everyone involved with the process, providing them relevant information to make an informed decision on your application.

A pet resume can show responsible ownership.

Another great side effect of a pet resume is that it is a showcase of your responsibility. By putting together a resume about your pet to showcase who they are to potential landlords it shows that you are a responsible pet owner. This looks good on you being a potentially responsible tenant. You look honest and proactive, traits desirable in any potential tenant.


If you are a pet owner and are looking for your next rental home consider creating a pet resume. It will go a long way in helping you find the right property. Send your pet resume in with your next application.

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